Our corporate partners programme is an opportunity for businesses to be recognised as champions of both kiwi and New Zealand’s natural environment.  The programme offers a fully managed, long-term sponsorship relationship which will show case your corporate responsibility. Join us in making a difference.

We are building on our success and plan to re-introduce kokako to flourish beside our existing kiwi population. This species disappeared from the area a couple of decades ago due to predation of eggs and chicks in a similar fashion to the kiwi.

Through our advocacy and continued growth we aim to increase the interaction between our community and kiwi. To achieve this and remain sustainable, the Trust has developed a number of funding and promotional initiatives including:

• A public walk where people can gain a snapshot of the Project and learn about kiwi and kokako.
• Guided tour opportunities.
• Membership of the Project based on an annual fee.
• Adopt a kiwi and kokako sponsorship programmes.
• Educational programmes suitable for schools and our community.

This is an opportunity for your company to contribute to a well-established Project and be recognised for:

  • responsible stewardship of New Zealand and its iconic species;
  • making a positive difference in our Taranaki community;
  • tangibly supporting an environmental conservation project with a proven track record and commitment to best practice; and
  • demonstrating the New Zealand ethos – being a true ‘kiwi’.

We invite you to consider one of the sponsorship packages outlined on the following pages. The Trust is available to discuss opportunities with you and would welcome your support in our journey of ensuring our unique native species remain in Taranaki

Benefits of Supporting Us

This is your opportunity to contribute to New Zealand and Taranaki at the highest level  – become a Kiwi supporter and help us save our National Symbol. The support of the East Taranaki Purangi Kiwi Project is a unique opportunity that can provide a range of benefits to you.


Be Part of Making a Positive Difference

Join us in being active in New Zealand and show your strong sense of being a “kiwi” company. This is an opportunity for you to reciprocate in a tangible way through supporting one of the largest community landscape scale conservation projects in New Zealand with an already proven track record. The Project is recognised as both nationally and regionally significant and has already reversed the decline of kiwi.

Show Tangible Support For Environmental Best Practice

Involvement with our project creates an opportunity to enhance a Company’s environmental values, align with a project that uses recognised environment best practice and demonstrate that industry and the environment can work together.

The Purangi Kiwi Project endeavours to minimise its environmental footprint and work in a safe manner. We receive advice on operating procedures from the Department of Conservation and Taranaki Regional Council, and we are committed to working in a safe manner.




Become recognised as a Responsible Community Investor

In Taranaki our secondary schools have a growing “community services” ethos. Their work with us is making a difference. There is also a growing trend for companies to report on ‘non financial outcomes’ as a measure of their success. Being involved with this project will give a company the opportunity to promote its community investment outcomes in the community where your staff live. We are looking to develop long-term meaningful relationships

Staff Involvement

We have various opportunities where both you and your staff can have involvement. These may include:

  • Hosting a staff volunteer day as a team building exercise. This not only enhances the working environment for staff but highlights that your company takes its environmental stewardship seriously, and can show it in a tangible way.
  • Attending one of our open days at the field centre at Purangi. This is based around our walks which showcases the project.
  • Participating with the field team to change the transmitter on a kiwi (dependant on sponsorship level).