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Methanex New Zealand partnered with the East Taranaki Environmental Trust in 2016 to re-introduce kōkako into the Pouiatoa forest. When we began our discussions with the Trust in 2015 we were looking to support an environmental project that would have a wide impact and be relevant to the company and staff, many of whom are keen outdoors people.

The area the kōkako have been relocated to is part of the Waitara river catchment from which Methanex draws water for our operations, so it was great to be able to enhance an ecosystem on our back doorstep.

It fits with our intention to enhance ecosystems under our sustainability commitment, as well as building relationships with councils, iwi, conservation groups and rural communities.

Methanex staff have been involved in volunteering with track maintenance, kōkako release, and monitoring. Everyone who takes part is touched by the experience and becomes a strong promoter, spreading the word about the importance of predator control, flourishing habitats and a sustainable, healthy kōkako population.

As a foundation sponsor of Experience Pūrangi, our support is part of a portfolio of sponsorship and social responsibility activities. We invest in initiatives that support education, community outreach, health and safety and the environment in Taranaki.

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