Kids and kiwis

Our “kids and kiwi” education programme includes a major annual event where Sparky the kiwi joins us to visit Taranaki schools. This allows students to get up close and personal to a kiwi bird.School visits are designed to allow students, teachers and their community to learn about kiwi conservation. Students rotate around a range of different stations covering all things kiwi and of course a chance to meet Sparky!

This provides a valuable and educational experience for our younger generation to learn about our precious taonga the kiwi and what is involved in protecting it for future generations.

For more information on school visits please contact us to discuss any upcoming opportunities.


See the Kiwi quiz.
We also have downloadable resources, more of which we will be adding to the site.  These are great for school activities or entertaining your children at home.

Downloads Available:

Teacher and student programme – Kaitiaki o Ngahere

Our Educational programme “Kaitiaki o Ngahere” or “Protection of the Forest” is currently in the development phase and will be piloted in 2017 within our community.

Kiwi in armsPurpose : To connect students with our native ngahere at Pūrangi and provide an authentic context for learning.

The programme will be a cross curricular inquiry resource that spans level 1 – 4 of the curriculum with a strong focus on Science and Technology. The programme includes:

  • an inquiry unit plan with links to core curriculum areas
  • a teacher’s guide with detailed lesson plans
  • all accompanying resources and links
  • facilitated sessions with staff to familiarise them with the resource
  • organised field trips to Pūrangi where students can participate in hands on investigation and research in an authentic content.